About the Journal

ARCENG (INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING) aims to publish original scientific research studies that reveal their international originality, contribute to the relevant literature, and whose concrete results are proven by analytical, experimental and numerical methods. Apart from these, data analysis, situation assessment, technology demonstration, routine engineering activities/works etc. Articles with content are not considered.
ARCENG (INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ARCHITECTURE AND ENGINEERING) publishes internationally original applied and theoretical research and survey articles with scientific depth in the fields of Engineering and Architecture. Priority Engineering fields: Mechanical, Civil, Electrical-Electronics, Materials, Chemistry, Industrial engineering. Articles submitted from engineering fields other than these fields are evaluated by the Editorial Board according to their subject. In the field of architecture, priority is given to non-social, computational, numerical and SCI studies.

The submitted edit is sent to at least 2 referees after the preliminary review by the editor. Evaluations are made by blind refereeing method.

Research Article: These are articles that reflect an original research with its findings and results. The study must be original and must contribute to international science.

Review Article: These are the articles that scan a sufficient number of scientific articles, summarize the subject at the level of today's knowledge and technology, evaluate and interpret the findings by comparing them.